About Us

So who are we?

We are a group of skilled developers. Not only that, we also love Clash of Kings and when it came out we were thrilled to say the least. This game is just so addicting and as we all live in the same neighborhood, we get together every Saturday and throw a LAN party. We soon started thinking how to make this all more fun and get money more quick. Gold is everything in this game if you just want to have good fun and we certainly do. So we made a bet - who finds clash of kings cheats a way to generate gold easily and fast without any need to earn it. We all work in the IT field and we all have particular skills so the game was on. It didn´t take long, maybe around 1 week, when one of us, a security specialist in a known company, found a way. He found a glitch in the game that is really well hidden and isn´t leaked yet. You really have to dig deep to find it. He won the bet, got the fame and things couldn´t be better.

What happened next? How was this hack born?

We were having crazy games with loads of gold, it was real fun. When you have everything, you soon get bored. One Saturday night, when we were playing the game again, we thought - why not make a public tool of it and share it with the world? Just to see if we can do it and for better karma. So the development began. It took us 1-2 weeks to get to the testing phase of it - we had the hidden glitch, but we had to find a way to implement it without giving it away so it would get patched quickly. It was a tough one, but we have had similar projects in the past and we found a way for all the device. It´s very discrete and very similar in nature for all platforms. It applies this glitch on your account a fixed amount of times so you get just the right amount of gold to your account. To sum up, this tool is easy to use and safe and we know what we are doing. Your account remains anonymous to us and we don´t have any interest in it. If anything should change, we will let you know on this site but as of now, the system is rock solid.